Why waste energy chilling pre-packed beverages around the clock?

Within commercial refrigeration, beverage cooling consumes 21.2 TWh/year, costing €4.2 billion per annum in energy

The Question

In this age of increasing pressure to lower energy use and reduce carbon emissions, we asked the question...

“why do we continue to chill millions of prepacked beverages 24/7?”

The Problem

If we look at the current equipment being used to chill these beverages, they are bulky, they use huge amounts of energy, and often they are not able to chill the drinks quickly enough to keep up with demand.

The Vision

In 2007 we decided to create new technology that would enable drinks to be stored at ambient and then get rapidly chilled on demand. This way only the drinks that need to be chilled would get chilled.

Furthermore the team set out to achieve this chilling efficiently and to use significantly less energy.

Our engineers found the solution; they discovered that by rotating the beverage at a certain speed the carbonated liquid could be mixed without disruption to the bubbles of carbon dioxide. Enviro-Cool patented this process and named it V-Tex.

In September 2015 a Horizon2020 grant was awarded to further develop a commercial application for use in petrol stations and supermarkets.

Our Technology, V-Tex Multi Solution

The V-Tex Multi will fit in the commercial refrigeration sector focusing mainly on the market for consumer facing display coolers. This market is growing at a rate of 8% globally. Within this there are two main product groups namely: open fronted display coolers; and glass door beverage coolers. V-Tex will be able to replace both and deliver significant energy savings.

90% energy saving compared to exisiting equipment


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